CAMBER SANDS Spot Dance Video Ordering


Welcome to the CAMBERSANDS FESTIVAL Spot ordering page.

Please complete the form below in full to save time queuing at our stand.

Once your form has been completed, we will send you an invoice to pay online.

The invoice will be sent to your e mail address provided in the form, however if you wish you can complete the form and pay cash at the stand.

This form will close on Friday 26th November.

Please complete the form in FULL below, all video’s can be purchased over the weekend at £25 each

Spot videos will not be able to be viewed during or after the event unless purchased. 

Please complete the form in FULL below, once you have completed the form please look out for the invoice which will be sent to your

e mail address very soon after submitting.

This will need to be paid 
 or your order will not be processed.


This form will closed on Friday 26th November.

Orders placed after this time will be £25 per Spot Dance and can only be ordered by completing this form.



Please feel free to contact us via our 

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