Dress up for Dance

All day Photo Sessions for Dance Schools


Dress up for Dance mini photo shoots sessions for Dance Schools.


This is a great opportunity to get your students into their dance costumes and feel ultra special! 

Just imagine - No rushing to get to the dance floor, no sweating after having to work so hard, and no pressure from Mums and Dads to get that perfect photo in a normal Competition environment where were all rushing around!

Dancers will have all the time in the world to do hair & make up and to get that look of how they want to be seen on the dance floor in a photo, in our studio!

We bring our Studio to you..

We use disco balls, smoke machines, coloured lighting & mirrored floors for special effects!

On top of all that as we will have our full set up with us we will be able to print up to 8x12 (A4) Size images on the day.

Larger sizes ups to A1 and Canvas prints will be done in our office and sent free of charge if ordered on the day.



We don't charge to come to you but do ask for a a minimum of 10 dancers to be booked in (there is no upper limit) and we can generally get through each mini photo shoot session within 10 - 20 minutes with a costume change. 

If you have loads of dancers interested were happy to work with you during a full days workshop and split the day down or even run over two or three days - Half term weeks or Saturdays work best for us, as we try and keep Sundays clear for competition dates.






Register your interest or book by sending us an e-mail for your Dress up and Dance Day.

[email protected]