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2-5 World Class Smooth6 The Open Worlds Youth U217-10 Elementary Smooth11-14 World Class Smooth(L-C)15 Equality16 Elementary Smooth 3-Dance Challenge(L-B)17 Elementary Smooth 3-Dance Challenge(L-C)18 Equality19 Elementary Smooth 3-Dance Challenge(L-D)20 The Worlds Open Youth U21 Challenge21 The Open Worlds Trophy Smooth(L-A)23 Waltz24 Tango25 Slow Foxtrot26 Quickstep27 Youth U21 Advanced28 Waltz29 Tango30 Slow Foxtrot31 Quickstep32 The Worlds Open Smooth33 Waltz34 Tango35 Slow Foxtrot36 Quickstep37 Elementary 3 dance: Closed Ballroom:2 Dance39 Elementary Ballroom 3-Dance Challenge(L-C)39 The Open Worlds Senior (35-64) Challenge41 Elementary Ballroom 3-Dance Challenge(L-B)(D)43 World Class Ballroom 5-Dance Challenge(L-C)45 World Class Ballroom 5-Dance Challenge(L-B) Newcomer Ballroom 2-Dance Challenge(L-C)47 World Class Ballroom 5-Dance Challenge (D)49 The Open Worlds Senior B (50-64)50 The Open Worlds Trophy Ballroom(L-B)51-52 Awards53 Introduction of Evening Adjudicators54 The Open Worlds Youth U2155 The Open Worlds Senior B (50-64)56 The Open Worlds Trophy Ballroom(L-B)57 The Open Worlds Youth U2158 The Open Worlds Equality World Class Trophy Mens All ages60 The Open Worlds Trophy Ballroom(L-A)61 The Open Worlds Senior B (50-64): Senior C (65-79)62 The Open Worlds Youth U2163 AwardsBand

This group will be available through August 31, 2025. Remind me again later