As you know we mainly cover Dance Event Photography but have been working more and more with Charities over the last 4 years providing Photography for Charity Balls, Dinner dances, Black tie events and so much more.

We set up a full Studio with a lovley backdrop and studio lights and take photographs of couples or groups during the evening which we print and sell. This works very well and generates a great deal of extra income for charity. We offer up to 20% commission on all the photos we sell during the evening and also offer prizes for raffles etc.

This not only generates another income for the evening but also creates great memories for guests and keeps them occupied during the quieter times of the as well as generating some great commarardary and fun!

We don’t charge a penny to come along we just ask for around 3-4 meters square of space, electrical supply and a few sandwiches during the evening just to keep our energy levels up!

Please feel free to take a look at our website and our Facebook page that boasts almost 7000 followers, to which we will advertise your event to also!

Also if you want to discuss more or to book us in feel free to give us a call in the office and take a look at our website and Facebook page :) 



As well as this we also have a Magic mirror and can cover any other types of photography & videography.