Premium Personal Collection Folders

Create your own personal password protected folders.

Start a 1 month Trial today for just £5 and we will add ALL of your photos from your favourites. 




Above every photo across our galleries there is a heart, if you click on it you can create your own personal folder. This folder expires 7 days after its creation and the contents are deleted.
(The photos still remain in their original location).

We are now offering a premium favourite folder service with added benefits.

Start your Subscription today and save your existing favourites before the favourite folders are deleted on the 31st October. 

Pricing Bronze £10 per Month Silver £20 per Month Gold £35 per Month
Password Protected Yes Yes Yes
Unique URL Yes Yes Yes
Save up to 30 images 150 images 500 images
Updated Monthly Every 2 weeks Weekly
% Off  5% 10% 15%
Free Postage No No Yes
Free downloads 1 Per month 2 Per month 3 per month
Monthly subscriptions


Once you click Subscribe - We will contact you within 24hrs with further information to get your Personal folder created.


Pricing: Set up through PayPal subscription or direct debit

Unique URL: Your URL will be - or whatever you want it to be.

Password Protected: On all plans your galleries are locked down to your own personal login.

Save up to: You may save up to the amount of photos on your price plan, these are updated for you as per your price plan and below.

Updated: On a your subscription basis we will contact you to ask if you would like photos removed or new ones added.

% off: Get up to 10% a month off your photo orders direct from your gallery, a unique code will be sent to you every month, when your subscription has been paid.

Free Postage: Get free postage on the top tier subscription.

Free Downloads: Up to 3 free Low Res download per month, a unique code will be sent to you every month, once your monthly subscription has been received.


Expires and Deletes: You may cancel anytime. The gallery will expire upon account closure or immediately upon payment failure or you can click on the UNSUBSCRIBE button anytime .


Terms & Conditions

Sophie's Photography reserve the right to cancel subscriptions at anytime if they feel the subscription is being abused for sharing with other parties or commercial gain. Sophie's Photography also reserve the right to refuse subscriptions. Sophie's Photography own all photos as per the copyright laws.

All subscriptions must be paid in advance, You have the right to cancel your subscription at anytime.