Please use the form below to register your interest in a FREE Video & Photo Shoot.

We are looking for Dance Teams/ groups/ crews for a FREE Video & Photo shoot!

This will be filmed and photographed using lights, smoke-bombs and powders!

This can be any sort of routine choreographed by anyone.

We will want to be able to share your future video through our Social Media channels and to do so we will need to use sound tracks that are licensed for re-use. We have an account so will ask you to choose an appropriate track from there to add into your video. Once you have chosen your track we will send you the MP3 to practice with. 

Unless you have music of your own that can be used online without breaking any copyright rules..

The location will be an outside shoot in an easy/local location for your group to get to, we were thinking of a Car Park location or disused warehouse something along those lines...

If this still sounds of interest to you please complete the form below.
Once you have completed the form we will be in touch to arrange music, dates, times and locations etc.

There will be NO charge for the Video shoot or Photo shoot, there will be an opportunity to purchase photo's and the video from the shoot from our galleries, group discounts will apply. If we provide the soundtrack from for your video, we will still own the rights to it.