Have you ever thought about having Souvenir Programmes for your Dance Competition or currently produce these yourself and want to reduce the hassle? 


Well worry no longer, as Sophie's Photography can supply a unique service where we will design edit and print for any event programmes.  


How it works: 

What we do:

• Set up a unique email address for you to send all of your competition information to us 

• Set up a communication platform for you to view progress - On this platform, you can add comments or edit suggestions in realtime 

• Supply images from previous competitions taken by us 

• Send you a PDF Copy of the finished Programme 

• Deliver your Programmes to you or your event 


All you need to do is:

• Supply us with your ideas on layouts 

• Send any information you want to be published 

• Proofread and input any comments in realtime  

• Sit back and relax :) 

• Sell the Souvenir Programmes on the day of your event - Or like some of our customers include the programme in the entry fee  


These programmes are great for advertising future competitions or for advertising other small and large businesses. We can manage the adverts for you, and offset the advertising fees against the cost of producing the programmes. Alternatively, you can manage these yourself and send us the details via your unique email address. 

If we are photographing or filming your event, we will have a separate page within the programme and advertise our special offers. As well as take special photos for you to use in future publications during your event. 


Just a few of the great reasons why you should consider this exciting product! 

- Great for giving everyone a handy running order for your event. 

- Publishing past winners. 

- Professional Quality Glossy Photos. 

- Write-ups/ bios of judges or special performances. 

- Adverts for future competitions. 

- Additional revenue from plenty of advertising space. 

- Event Souvenir for all who attend. 


Styles of Souvenir Programmes can be discussed in detail if you are interested. 

Our recommended programme style is: 


A4 Perfect Bound - With a square spine (No staples) and plenty of space within its pages. 

Minimum 20pp, to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality finish. 

There is a minimum amount of pages that we can offer Perfect Bound Brochures. 

If you require less than the minimum available pages (20pp), we recommend that you try our stapled style.  


Square Perfect Bound Brochures 210mmx210mm 

For a quirky approach to your next event, try something a little different like a square perfect bound brochure.  


Custom sizes available - No minimum or maximum orders - If you would like more information please let us know and we will set up a conference call to discuss in more detail.